Freedom RXV


Based on the new RXV™ platform, the E-Z-GO® RXV is the premier choice for playing golf or cruising your neighborhood.  Featuring the advanced technology and unexpected comforts, the freedom RXV provides the highest level of safety, durability, reliability and performance.  The Freedom RXV is a true standout.


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* Solid State variable frequency AC speed controller
* 230 Amp AC Controller
* Drive-by-wire electronic throttle control
* Full torque, reduced speed reverse
* Dash mounted direction selector switch (Forward-Neutral-Reverse)

* Sealed Hall effect throttle sensor
* Descent speed control and automatic hill hold
* Full diagnostic capability (Hand held diagnostic unit)
* Full-time regenerative braking
* Six field selectable speeds with hand held diagnostic unit

Motor: 48 Volt AC induction motor, solid copper windings. 4.4 hp (3.3 kW) Continuous. AC system reads motor speed for accurate speed control in all conditions. Regenerative braking for maximum economy
Battery Charger: 48 VDC PowerWise™ High Frequency, 120/230 VAC 50/60 Hz. Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) Listed, (C.S.A. Certified)
Electrical System: 48 Volt DC, four, 12 volt deep cycle storage batteries batteries (60 minute minimum, 140 amp-hour @ 20 hr. discharge rate)
Drive Train: Direct motor shaft connected to transaxle pinion shaft
Transaxle: Differential with reverse helical gears
Brakes: Induction motor. Electro-magnetic parking brake is applied automatically
Body Protection: 360° energy transfer bumpers maximize vehicle protection from minor impact



Engine:13.5 hp (10.1 kW) Exceeds SAE J1940 Standard, 4 cycle, 24.5 ci (401 cc) single cylinder, air-cooled by Kawasaki

* Valve Train: Overhead valve
* Fuel System:
* Fixed float bowl with remote pulse fuel pump
* Lubrication: Pressurized oil system, spin-on oil filter
* Ignition:
* Electronic spark/magneto
* Balancer:
* Internal counter rotating balance shaft
* Air Cleaner: Replaceable dry cartridge

Electrical: Starter/Generator, solid-state regulator, 12 Volt maintenance free battery (425 CCA, 60 minute reserve)
Drive Train: Automatic, continuously variable transmission (CVT)
Brakes: Dual rear wheel mechanical self-adjusting drum brakes.Single point park brake release with self-compensating system
Transaxle: Differential with helical gears, ground speed governor, forward/reverse
Body Protection: 360° energy transfer bumpers maximize vehicle protection from minor impact